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I have a PhD in math from Harvard University, where my advisor was Dennis Gaitsgory. My thesis was on the geometric Langlands program, and in particular "quantum Langlands", a somewhat conjectural generalization. I have a soft spot for algebraic groups and representation theory in general, and I also had a good time teaching a tutorial (special-topics course) on tropical geometry in the fall of 2008. Evidence of my enjoyment of teaching and writing can be found in the expository materials scattered around this site.

I am an RTG postdoc in the algebraic geometry group at the University of Michigan. Last year I was a lecturer at UCLA.

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I am in Ann Arbor, MI.

I visited Hebrew University for all of September through December of 2010, for the purpose of participating in this special program.

I attended the 2012 Joint Math Meetings in Boston.

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My full name is Ryan Cohen Reich, but I rarely use the middle name. I have user pages at:

I spoke at the
UC Davis algebra seminar
on February 16th, 2012.
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email: ryancr@umich.edu